Rheinmetall has been awarded a contract to supply advanced wargaming simulation training systems to two undisclosed customers in the Middle East / North Africa (MENA) region.

Under the contract, the company’s simulation and training business unit will supply systems, software and hardware, along with a full range of support services, including role players and instructors with a military background.

Using proven off-the-shelf elements from the company’s previous projects, the training systems are expected to enable joint and combined computer-assisted exercises (CAXs) for mission-oriented, pre-deployment training.

"The company’s simulation and training business unit will supply systems, software and hardware."

In addition, the systems are likely to be used to support the certification of multinational headquarters and for capability checks of headquarters for determining operational effectiveness for all types of missions prior to deployment.

The customers will also employ the systems to assess the command and control capabilities of headquarters for joint and combined operations in a network-enabled warfare environment, for the entire mission and intensity spectrum.

Primarily intended for corps, division and brigade level missions, the trainers are integrated with the TacSi simulation system, which generates a 3D operational environment for battalion and company level computer-assisted exercises.

A Virtual Battle Space II system will also be used to visualise special operations down to platoon and / or section level, in addition to a range of sub-models for extensive exercises involving all components of the military.

Rheinmetall has also received a contract from the Indonesian Government to supply simulation technology for the training of Indonesian Leopard 2A4 main battle tank crew.

The multi-million contract requires the company to supply the leopard gunnery skills trainer (LGST) and driver training simulator (DTS).

Featuring Rheinmetall’s TacSi technology, the simulators can be networked to enable tactical training at platoon and company level, and share similarities with the systems that have already proven highly effective in day-to-day military training operations.

Leopard 2 simulators are expected to be supplied next year, with the delivery schedule of the MENA wargaming simulation training systems undisclosed.

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