Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher have partnered to jointly produce and promote new RS556 assault rifle system.

The weapon development is in line with the companies' commitment to supply military and security services around the globe with reliable, future-proof, systems and equipment.

The German-Austrian cooperation expands Rheinmetall’s portfolio of infantry products.

Based on Steyr Mannlicher's STM556, the RS556 is seen as a possible candidate to replace the German armed forces' G36 assault rifle, starting in 2019.

The 5.56mm x 45-calibre weapon is fitted with a 16in barrel, a 30-round magazine, a light-weight stock and an adjustable short-stroke gas piston system.

The company offers the weapon with a range of barrel lengths, depending on military requirements.

"The 5.56mm x 45-calibre weapon is fitted with a 16in barrel, a 30-round magazine, a light-weight stock and an adjustable short-stroke gas piston system."

According to Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher, the rifle's hammer-forged barrel can be easily exchanged for various missions.

The RS556 can also be fitted with various optics and night observation devices, as well as a 40mm grenade launcher.

Its special breech system allows the weapon to operate in adverse conditions.

The RS556 is compatible with Rheinmetall’s modular 'Future Soldier – Expanded System' (IdZ-ES), and can also be connected to other soldier systems.

Image: The RS556 can be readily adapted to individual equipment profiles. Photo: courtesy of Rheinmetall/Steyr Mannlicher.