Raytheon has partnered with NIMR Automotive to integrate Talon laser-guided rockets (LGRs) onto NIMR wheeled armoured vehicles.

A total of 16 Talon LGRs will be integrated into the NIMR 4×4 light tactical vehicles, which use Raytheon’s remote weapons station, and are currently operated by different units of the UAE Armed Forces.

Raytheon Land Warfare Systems vice-president Michelle Lohmeier said: "Integration onto the NIMR vehicle further demonstrates the versatility of Talon.

"Integration onto the NIMR vehicle further demonstrates the versatility of Talon."

"In partnership with EDIC, we are providing an affordable, near-term and reliable solution."

NIMR chief executive officer Dr Fahad Saif Harhara said: "The NIMR 6×6 tactical platform provides a range of modular system integration to support a full range of missions, including armed reconnaissance, infrastructure defence, defensive fire suppression and border security.

"It can also support rapidly advancing infantry. The mobile and fixed-firing modes enhance the vehicle’s effectiveness and provide a significant advantage over existing heavy artillery."

A joint development between Raytheon and Emirates Advanced Investments, Talon LGR is a low-cost, digital, semi-active laser guidance and control kit designed to convert ‘dumb’ 2.75in / 70mm helicopter-borne rockets into guided weapons.

Using standard M260/261 launchers, it can launch from any aircraft that fires 2.75in unguided rockets and does not require hardware or software modifications to the launcher or aircraft platform.

Talon is fully compatible with existing airborne and ground laser designators and bridges the critical operational capability gap between unguided rockets and guided, heavy anti-tank missiles.

In addition, its architecture and ease of employment increases its suitability for missions in urban environments, as well as counter-insurgency and swarming boat defence operations.

Raytheon started full-rate production of Talon for the UAE Armed Forces, as part of a $117m contract awarded by Tawazun in September 2014.

In 2013, the Armed Forces General Headquarters of the UAE awarded a contract to Tawazun to purchase Talon rockets for the military.