Primordial has been awarded a contract for integration of its Ground Guidance off-road routing software with the US Army’s XPLAN next generation mission planning tool.

Awarded by the Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (Cerdec), the contract aims to enhance mission planning capabilities of the soldiers.

The automatic off-road route planning and terrain analysis capabilities provided by integration of Ground Guidance with Xplan will enable troops to plan fast and concealed on and off-road routes, before and during operations.

Primordial president Randy Milbert said the integration will offer unprecedented routing capabilities to soldiers within the latest mission planning tools.

"Our software provides soldiers with a tactical advantage for operating in both familiar and unfamiliar terrain," Milbert said.

US Army product manager, lieutenant colonel Rodney Briggman, said: "Integrating Ground Guidance with platforms like XPlan provides greater autonomy to small units while increasing their ability to adapt to changing battlefield conditions."

"Our software provides soldiers with a tactical advantage for operating in both familiar and unfamiliar terrain."

Ground Guidance is a patented software designed primarily to plan fast and concealed routes on and off-road, and multi-modal routing for both dismounted and mounted soldiers thereby optimising efficiency and safety of combat mission.

Additional mission planning and routing capabilities offered by the software to military small unit leaders include visibility and vulnerability analysis, alternate and randomised routes, chokepoint and ambush location detection, and load analysis.

The software has been developed under contracts with the Army Geospatial Center (AGC), CERDEC, Product Manager (PM) Movement Tracking System (MTS), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and others.

Xplan is a successor to the Portable Flight Planning Software (PFPS), an integrated suite of PC-based mission planning tool currently running on army’s more than 14,000 fielded laptops.

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