Belmont Instrument has been awarded a contract for the delivery of Belmont Rapid Infuser systems to the Polish military for use in treatment of severely wounded soldiers in the battlefield.

With the latest contract, Poland joins the US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden and South Korea as an operator of the system, which is used to conduct blood transfusions in combat zones.

Combining advanced microprocessor technology with an efficient mechanical system, the Belmont Rapid Infuser is a fluid management system designed for rapid blood transfusion in high blood loss surgical procedures.

"The system is used to conduct blood transfusions in combat zones."

Using a US Department of Defense (Dod) patented dry heat exchanger, the system infuses large amounts of life-sustaining fluids at physiological temperature with flow rates up to one l/min, while preventing hypothermia, air embolus and vessel trauma.

Equipped with multiple air, temperature, and pressure sensors, the pump ensures maximum patient safety without constant operator vigilance.

The system has been used by the US military during deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

An undisclosed US Navy Reserve lieutenant commander, who had operated The Belmont Rapid Infuser, said the pump has helped combat medics in saving multiple general infantry (GI) personnel by enabling rapid administration of blood products.

An array of traumatic injuries, such as multiple amputations of extremities, blast injuries, as well as gunshot wounds are encountered by medics due to use of improvised explosive device (IEDs) in Afghanistan, the commander added.

The contract value, number of units and delivery scheduled have not been revealed by Belmont.