Polaris Industries is set to launch the new Dagor ultra-light combat vehicle at the forthcoming 2014 Association of the United States Army Annual (AUSA) meeting, in Washington, US.

The vehicle is being manufactured by Polaris Defense under contracts with the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and international Special Operations Force customers.

Weighing less than 4,500lb, Dagor is a purpose-built vehicle designed with trophy truck-inspired suspension. It can carry 3,250 lb of payload or a nine-man infantry squad at a higher rate of speed over terrain usually travelled on foot.

"The Dagor was engineered to meet a very demanding set of light-mobility needs for our customer."

Polaris Defense Advanced Mobility Platforms manager Jed Leonard said: "The Dagor was engineered to meet a very demanding set of light-mobility needs for our customer.

"It provides the optimal balance of rapid air transportability, payload and advanced mobility.

"The design offers our customers a modular, lightweight platform to support a variety of expeditionary missions."

Polaris Defense general manager Rich Haddad said: "Dagor is larger than our previous offerings like the MRZR and MV850, and represents a step up in size for Polaris and in payload for our customers."

Fitted with commercial off-the-shelf driveline software, controls and components, as well as streamlined mechanic and operator training, the vehicle can be rapidly loaded into the CH-47 Chinook helicopter without modification, while its weight allows it to be sling loaded under the UH-60 Black Hawk.

Powered by a diesel / JP8 COTS engine, Dagor has a unique design that facilitates ease of operation, maintenance and sustainment. It is said to possess a world-class capability in extreme off-road terrain at full payload.

The vehicle has already completed government durability testing and is certified for CH-47 Chinook internal air transport (IAT), air drop and UH-60 Black Hawk sling load.

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