Pit-Radwar has been contracted by the Polish Ministry of Defence (MoD) to supply 77 POPRAD anti-aircraft mobile missile launchers.

Under the terms of the €250m agreement, the company will equip each Poprad vehicle with four missile launchers, which will fire Polish-made Grom missiles.

PIT-Radwar could also be using its planned upgrade Piorun, thenews.pl reported.

The contract will also cover the upgrade of two new Poprad vehicles, which have already been delivered to trained soldiers for testing.

Poland Deputy Defence Minister Bartosz Kownacki was quoted by the publication as saying: "The contract will increase the capability of the Polish Army’s air defence system, meaning that we Poles will all feel safer."

"The contract will increase the capability of the Polish Army’s air defence system."

The decision is a part of Poland’s military modernisation programme, which also includes proposals to expand the nation’s fleet of the helicopters and cruise missiles.

The company is expected to deliver the new vehicles to the MoD over a period of three years, beginning in 2018.

The Poprad is a short-range, anti-aircraft system, capable of destroying air targets at low and middling altitudes, and in day and night conditions.

In a separate development, the MoD unveiled plans to modernise German Leopard 2 tanks, and proposed a purchase of Israeli Spike anti-tank missiles.

Under the proposal, the government expects the Spike missiles to be delivered by 2020.