NIITEK has received a contract to supply handheld dual mine and improvised explosive device (IED) detectors to the Polish State Treasury, Armament Inspectorate.

Awarded through NIITEK’s distributor, IBCOL Polska, the $1.4m contract includes 50 Groundshark dual sensor handheld detectors.

Under the agreement, the company will also provide documentation and logistics support.

In addition to IBCOL, NIITEK has also partnered with Minelab Australia, which represents the company’s first European order for Groundshark systems.

"Groundshark is a commercially available and user-friendly dual sensor handheld detector."

CSES president Tom Thebes said: "We continue to forge our common history of innovation and rapid development to provide soldiers with a premier dual sensor capability.

"Packaged into an easy-to-train, lightweight design with a single common operating picture, Groundshark allows them to safely see the threats ahead of them."

Groundshark is a commercially available and user-friendly dual sensor handheld detector, developed by combining NIITEK’s ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and Minelab Electronics’ advanced metal detector.

The system is designed to identify and visualise subsurface metallic and non-metallic objects for use in a variety of tasks for soldiers, civilians and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) personnel.

The latest addition to NIITEK’s battle-proven GPR technology, it is a derivative of the husky-mounted detection system (HMDS), which is currently used by the US Army and US Marine Corps, as well as the Canadian, Australian, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish armies.

Deliveries are expected to start next month, although the identity of the Polish military branch using the detectors remains undisclosed.

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