Harris has been awarded a contract to supply Falcon III tactical vehicular radios and intercom systems to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Under the terms of the $18m contract, the company will modernise the army’s light armoured division by integrating the Falcon RF-7800V combat net radio into RF-7800I intercom systems.

Acquired as part of the army’s tactical communications modernisation programme, the comprehensive solution for in-vehicle voice and data communications delivers secure tactical network connectivity.

"The Harris ITACS enables this nation to make a rapid transition to modern, flexible and modular IP-based tactical area communications."

Harris RF Communications International Business president Brendan O’Connell said: "This order will accelerate tactical radio modernisation for the Philippine Army by providing soldiers with enhanced command and control and situational awareness for real-time decision-making.

"The embedded encryption will provide secure interoperability with more than 13,000 Harris Falcon radios currently fielded within the AFP."

Weighing 1.1kg, the RF-7800V CNR is suited for time-critical battle management systems (BMS) reporting and used an integrated GPS receiver and Harris’s new BMS waveform architecture.

Fully interoperable with the Falcon II radio family, the radio also features simultaneous voice and data capabilities, true dual-net communications through intuitive dual push-to-talk capability, as well as a free channel search that provides frequency agility in high-noise or radio jamming environments.

Manufactured by Harris under licence from WB Electronics, the RF-7800I systems provide operators with the ability to communicate with each other within the vehicle, simultaneously generating a network backbone capable of efficiently integrating with other vehicular and handheld tactical radio systems.

Harris has also secured a contract to deliver a secure, integrated tactical area communications solution to an undisclosed Middle East military customer using Falcon III wideband tactical radios.

The $50m award will see the company supply its integrated tactical area communications system (ITACS) solution, which supports the latest wideband and narrowband networking waveforms and enables country-wide voice and data capabilities for critical missions.

O’Connell added: "The Harris ITACS enables this nation to make a rapid transition to modern, flexible and modular IP-based tactical area communications.

"The system dramatically improves situational awareness by creating a mobile tactical internet that delivers voice, data and situational awareness across the country."