Saab has received a contract to develop and supply its new generation GAMER vehicle simulators for the Royal Norwegian Army.

Under the terms of the SEK142m ($20.2m) contract, the company will deliver its BT46 dual-simulator training system to help enhance the army’s training capabilities for live training.

Since 2003, the company has supplied live training equipment for the Norwegian Combat Training Center in Rena, Norway.

Saab Training & Simulation head Henrik Höjer said: "Norway is an important market for Saab.

"We will deliver a very advanced military training system for vehicles that will have the best training effect."

Developed from a set of generic components that can simulate future weapons, Saab’s BT46 laser simulator is designed for use on all types of direct firing weapons, from shoulder-fired anti-armour guns, to main battle tanks.

"The simulator replicates the ballistics and time-of-flight of a projectile in real-time, and can be used on all types of direction firing weapons."

The simulator replicates the ballistics and time-of-flight of a projectile in real-time, with a high level of precision, and simultaneously provides realistic feedback to the gunner and the target.

Specifically, the system has the ability to accurately simulate the trajectory or flight characteristics in case of a missile in real-time, and can be modified to address a huge variation of requirements.

The simulator’s built-in gyroscopes augment the system’s performance and allow it to exercise the full range of gunnery techniques for all type of targets.

To date, more than 7,000 systems have been sold by Saab to several users worldwide, as reported by

Additional contract details, including the number of simulators ordered and their delivery schedule, remain undisclosed.

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