Humvee solution

Northrop Grumman has launched its high-mobility multipurpose wheeled-vehicle (HMMWV) modernisation solution at the ongoing Association of the United States Army (AUSA) 2014 conference in Washington, D.C., US.

Developed in collaboration with Meritor Defense and Pratt & Miller Engineering, the solution is designed to extend the life of the HMMWV, while significantly reducing sustainment costs and increasing fuel efficiency.

Northrop Grumman Technical Services land forces programmes director Frank Simpkins said: "The HMMWV has had an enduring role in the US Army, US Marine Corps and across the international ground forces community for decades.

"By leveraging our customer mission and platform knowledge and assembling a best-in-class industry team, we believe Northrop Grumman has a tremendous offering that would appeal to every member of the global HMMWV community."

Northrop Grumman Technical Services vehicle modernisation director Jeff Wood said: "By combining the latest commercially available technologies from the automotive industry with our company expertise in systems engineering and ground vehicle sustainment, we believe our HMMWV offering delivers great value to all HMMWV customers.

"The benefit our solution provides to all global HMMWV fleets is an optimal balance between payload, performance and protection."

"The benefit our solution provides to all global HMMWV fleets is an optimal balance between payload, performance and protection, while lowering total lifecycle costs and delivering a platform that can once again effectively carry out myriad missions."

The solution is built around a new Humvee chassis, which is claimed to restore the vehicle to its original performance and payload, while maintaining its existing armour protection.

The chassis is expected to help the vehicle accelerate to 66mph in 22 seconds and increase gas mileage to 18MPG, the National Defense Magazine reported.

Under a cooperative agreement with the US Army, the company has already installed the new chassis on four vehicles, the first two of which have been handed over to the army for trials. The remaining two are currently undergoing endurance testing at the company’s facilities in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

While the army is yet to agree to the Humvee modernisation, the company expects that its performance in testing will convince the service to invest in the new chassis.

Image: Northrop officials unveil the HMMWV modernisation solution at the AUSA 2014 conference. Photo: courtesy of Katie Hillesland.

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