VBCI vehicle

Nexter has signed a partnership agreement with Hydrema to support the Royal Danish Army’s M113 armoured personal carrier replacement (APC-R) programme.

Signed by Nexter chief executive officer Philippe Burtin and his Hydrema counterpart, Jan Werner Jensen, the deal confirms Nexter’s declared commitment to industrial cooperation with Denmark.

French-based Nexter will help Hydrema in the establishment and operation of a sophisticated production line at its facility in Støvring, Denmark.

The facility will be used for the final assembly and integration of Nexter’s Vehicule de Combat d’Infanterie (VBCI), if it is selected by the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) for its APC-R requirement.

Nexter is competing against General Dynamics’ Mowag Piranha V vehicles in APC-R’s wheeled category, DefenseNews reported.

BAE Systems, Hagglunds, Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft and General Dynamics European Land Systems are offering the CV90 Armadillo, G5 protected-mission module carrier and Austrian-Spanish cooperation development (ASCOD) vehicle, respectively, in the tracked category.

The APC-R contract includes the delivery of between 206 and 450 vehicles in six different configurations, including an infantry APC, command and control, ambulance and mortar carriers, as well as engineering and repair vehicles.

"The APC-R contract includes the delivery of between 206 and 450 vehicles in six different configurations."

A contractor is expected to be announced by May 2015.

The Royal Danish Army operates 632 heavily armoured M113s in different configurations, including tactical air-control party carrier and fire-fighting versions.

In addition to VBCI support, Hydrema will also perform in-country logistic support for Nexter’s CAESAR self-propelled howitzer.

Nexter claims that its industrial cooperation efforts in Denmark have led to pre-selection of nearly 40 Danish companies as suppliers in its global supply chain.

Some of these companies, including TenCate, Prodan, AKS, Multicut, Linak and Weibel, have been awarded contracts for programmes outside of Denmark.

Image: Nexter is offering its VBCI vehicle for the Royal Danish Army’s APC-R programme. Photo: courtesy of AlfvanBeem.