<a href=NetLine‘s C-Guard HHJ” height=”450″ src=”https://www.army-technology.com/wp-content/uploads/static-progressive/C-Guard.jpg” style=”padding: 10px” width=”300″ />Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) will showcase its newly developed range of miniaturised jamming systems at the forthcoming Eurosatory 2012 Land and Airland Defence and Security international exhibition in Paris, France.

Systems being unveiled include the company’s C-Guard HHJ portable modular jamming system, portable jammer pack (PJP), jamming effectiveness tester (JET), C-Guard manpack, as well as the C-Guard slider and C-Guard TXP ECM.

The C-Guard HHJ is a handheld cellular and radio frequency (RF) jamming system specifically designed for use by Special Forces, bomb squads, and SWAT teams in urban environments, where collateral jamming interference may encounter problems.

Capable of being carried either through the soldier’s vest, bomb disposal pouch or installed on a robot, the lightweight system prevents remote improvised explosive devices (IEDs) explosion by blocking numerous cellular frequency bands using a single antenna.

Developed for providing efficient stand-in jamming and reduce collateral interference, the lightweight and low power PJP can be used in urban warfare and low intensity conflicts, EOD scenarios with robots and robot-borne carry forward solutions.

The JET offers real-time indication of jamming coverage of advanced or legacy jammers, active or reactive jammers in all frequency bands, as well as providing field personnel with operational status of the jammers.

It also reflects maximum distances between vehicles in convoys to help ensure their stay within the protective jamming bubble.

"The lightweight system prevents remote IEDs explosion by blocking numerous cellular frequency bands using a single antenna."

Designed to support multiple jamming schemes, mission profiles and operating modes, the modular C-Guard Slider IED jamming system can help deployed forces by enabling electronic warfare adaptability against terrorist attacks.

Intended for military and homeland security markets, the C-Guard TXP ECM can jam all wireless communication devices, avoiding remote activation of IEDs and jamming unwanted wireless communications on the battlefield.

The C-Guard ManPack is an IED man-portable jammer, developed for use by ground troops, SWAT teams, and bomb squads in difficult terrain such as sand, forests, and high risk urban environments.

The fully programmable system is capable of blocking wireless communication and preventing remote activation of roadside bombs and remote control improvised explosive devices (RC-IEDs).

Image: Netline’s C-Guard HHJ to be displayed at Eurosatory 2012 in Paris. Photo: courtesy of Netline Communications Technologies.