Secure Venue tablet

ViaSat has delivered the encryption for the new Secure Venue Windows 8.1 Tablet, which has been developed for use by Nato and the Five Eyes community, an intelligence-sharing group comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and US.

Launched by Dell, ViaSat, Microsoft, Intel and SST, the tablet combines the portability of a tablet and the power of a laptop. It can secure data up to top secret (UK and Canada) and secret (Nato) accredited levels.

Built around the Dell Venue 11 Pro Tablet, it features a fourth-generation Intel Core i5 Processor and supports the Windows 8.1 Pro operating system.

SST general manager David Watson said: "Our Nato and defence community customers must constantly balance meeting user needs with countering security threats.

"In the Secure Venue Tablet, we have delivered style, functionality and industry-leading security in a single, powerful device.

"Now Nato and users can conveniently access information on the road while maintaining uncompromising security standards."

"The Secure Venue Tablet ensures that your data remains safe regardless of where it is."

ViaSat UK chief executive officer Chris McIntosh said: "Over 100,000 mobile devices are reported lost or stolen in the UK every 12 months. The Secure Venue Tablet ensures that your data remains safe regardless of where it is."

The tablet’s built-in security features include an integrated, industry-leading ViaSat Eclypt drive.

Future versions are expected to support the Venue 11 integrated smartcard reader or finger print devices.

Equipped with a TPM 1.2 chip and Noble lock slot that can prevent physical theft, the tablet is supported by Dell’s global ProSupport and can be turned into a laptop or desktop through the addition of a physical keyboard and docking station.

Orders are being taken and the first shipments of the tablets are expected to start in January 2015.

Image: The Secure Venue Tablet is a new mobile computer developed for Nato and the Five Eyes community. Photo: ©2014 ViaSat, Inc.

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