The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has awarded a contract to Meggitt Training Systems (MTS) for the supply of its Weapon Training Simulation Systems (WTSS) at the Australian Army’s four new purpose-built facilities.

The newly awarded $11m contract reinforcing the long-term relationship between the company and ADF and brings the total number of WTSS facilities to 25.

Meggitt Training Systems president Ronald Vadas said the WTSS and associated devices are core elements of the ADF’s weapons training process and complement its ‘train as you fight’ philosophy.

The company’s superior weapons simulation training, delivered in a controlled environment, facilitates a documented, seamless transition to live ranges where lessons learned in simulation are applied with greater speed, Vadas added.

The WTSS is a laser-based small arms simulation system designed to allow soldiers, sailors and airmen to practice weapon handling, firing accuracy and marksmanship principles, without actually firing live ammunition using interactive videos to enhance learning objectives of simulation.

Designed to deliver new levels of realism in virtual firearms training, the computer-generated training programme helps cadets to fire a wide variety of weapons including the F88 Austyer rifle, F89 Minimi Light Support Weapon and the 84mm Carl Gustav anti-armour weapon.

Featuring Meggitt’s new FATS M100 system architecture, the WTSS also trains personnel in indirect fire, which includes indirect fire forward air control (I-FACT) and indirect fire training (IFT) systems.

The company was also awarded a $30.8m contract in September 2011, to continue providing operations and maintenance for 18 sites located at major troop locations throughout Australia.