MBDA has successfully carried out test-firings of Enforcer shoulder-launched guided weapon system, as part of its ongoing development programme.

The trials were conducted at the German Bundeswehr’s Technical Center for Weapons and Ammunition 91 in November this year.

MBDA Deutschland sales and business development vice-president Peter Heilmeier said: “These tests have topped off a successful year of Enforcer development, a year we can look back on and recognise numerous successful firings and other tests.

“The direct hits demonstrate that we have made an important step forward in the development programme.”

The lightweight missile was fired at ranges between 1,000m to 2,000m to validate the performance of the weapon’s homing head, which guided the missile directly to the centre of each intended target.

According to the company, one of the missiles used the new lightweight, carbon-fibre launching tube developed by MBDA in Italy.

The company plans to begin qualification of the missile over the next few years, followed by series production.

The missile will undergo additional guided firings in 2017.

Enforcer disposable guided weapon system is being developed for the German Army, where it could complement the Wirkmittel 90 infantry weapon by offering an additional munition for the system.

Using the missile, soldiers will be able to engage lightly armoured static and moving targets, and threats behind cover.

Image: The MBDA KFK Enforcer missile. Photo: courtesy of MBDA.