Milan ER missile

MBDA has successfully carried out test-firings of its Milan extended-response (ER) anti-tank guided missile from an undisclosed location.

Involving four successful firings against fixed and moving targets, the trials confirmed the performance capabilities of the Milan’s firing post, as well as its warhead.

The tests, jointly conducted with export customers, validate the series production of the missile and enable the company to finalise the production work and deliver the first units in 2015, as planned.

MBDA chief executive officer Antoine Bouvier said: "The Milan ER missile is of particular importance to us, owing to the long performance lineage it clearly embodies, but also because this very attractive system allows MBDA to maintain a business and technical presence in a great number of countries, all of which are prospective customers for higher-end products."

The company completed qualification of the missile earlier this year.

"The missile can engage and destroy both fixed and stationary targets."

A modified variant of the combat-proven Milan anti-tank weapon system with a powerful warhead and a fully digital firing post, Milan ER can be deployed to provide tactical fire support for land combat forces in close combat operations in urban and open terrains.

Fired from armoured vehicle platforms using a modified wireless aerial surveillance platform (WASP) turret, the missile can engage and destroy both fixed and stationary targets such as heavily armoured tanks, command posts and fortifications, within a range of 3km.

The missile is primarily developed for the French and Indian armies, and has also been chosen by three export customers.

The Milan ER is also reportedly attracting growing interest from armed forces that require a highly efficient missile at a highly competitive acquisition and lifecycle cost.

Image: The Milan ER trials confirmed the performance capabilities of the firing post and warhead. Photo: courtesy of DGA TT.

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