PAC-3 missile launcher

The US Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) has awarded a contract modification to Lockheed Martin for the supply of hardware and associated services for the patriot advanced capability-3 (PAC-3) missile segment programme.

Besides missile and command launch system production for the US Army in the fiscal year 2013, the contract represents the first foreign military sale (FMS) of the PAC-3 missile to Kuwait.

The $308m contract also marks the 14th production acquisition of the PAC-3 missile segment by the US government.

Under the contract, the company will manufacture and supply 244 hit-to-kill PAC-3 missiles, alongside 72 launcher modification kits, associated tooling and programme management services.

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control PAC-3 missile programmes vice-president Richard McDaniel said the contract represents another example of the growing global interest for the PAC-3 missile’s capabilities.

"Kuwait becomes the sixth international customer to purchase the PAC-3 missile."

”Kuwait’s purchase of PAC-3 Missiles will provide its defense forces with a superior air and missile defense capability,” McDaniel said.

Kuwait becomes the sixth international customer to purchase the PAC-3 missile after Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Taiwan and the UAE.

An upgraded version of combat proven PAC-3 air defence missile, PAC-3 missile segment features PAC-3 missile, a highly agile hit-to-kill interceptor, PAC-3 missile canisters, a fire solution computer, an enhanced launcher electronics system and launcher support hardware.

Lockheed Martin serves as prime contractor for the PAC-3 MSE missile upgrade programme.

PAC-3 is an advanced, hit-to-kill air defence projectile weapon designed to defeat a broad spectrum of incoming tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs) and cruise missiles, as well as aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by direct, body-to-body impact.

Manufacturing work will be carried out at the company’s facilities in Texas, Massachusetts, Florida and Arkansas, US, while deliveries are scheduled to commence in 2014.

Image: US personnel receive a briefing on the capabilities of PAC-3 missile launcher at an undisclosed location in south-west Asia. Photo: courtesy of Sgt. Michelle Larche.

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