Cubic has secured a contract to supply its multiple integrated laser engagement system (MILES) individual weapon system (IWS) to the Latvian Army.

The $1.2m foreign military sale (FMS) contract from the US Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) also includes an initial capability for the MILES tactical vehicle systems (TVS), as well as follow-on logistics support services.

Cubic Defense Applications president Dave Schmitz said: "This contract reinforces continued FMS interest in our MILES IWS and TVS equipment. With our technology, Latvia is able to train with the US Army and our allies.

"With our technology, Latvia is able to train with the US Army and our allies."

"We are pleased to supply the army with the latest advancements in our wireless training solutions, including better training fidelity, improved wireless communications and intuitive interfaces."

A vehicular adaptation of Cubic’s man-worn IWS 2, I-MILES TVS is designed to provide direct-fire, force-on-force and force-on-target collective training to soldiers at home-stations and manoeuvre-combat training centres.

The tactical-engagement simulation system equips army wheel vehicles and other tactical vehicles, including high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles, with lasers, sensors and electronics, which are used during force-on-force combat training exercises.

In addition, the trainer features Cubic’s wireless MILES technology to provide real-time casualty assessment, which is necessary for MILES tactical engagement training in direct-fire instrumented training scenarios.

Claimed to be the latest generation tactical engagement simulation system in use with the US Army, I-MILES IWS uses laser emitters that attach to military weapons and on-body sensors to replicate combat scenarios and record data for after-action reviews.

The system enables soldiers to spend more time on tactics and maintains alignment during an entire exercise, providing them with increased confidence in the tactics they perform during training.

Deliveries under the contract are scheduled to take place next year.

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