Ukraine’s state enterprise Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) has manufactured an upgraded version of the BTR-4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier (APC), the BTR-4E1.

Designed to significantly increase crew security, the vehicle comes equipped with improved modular armour protection that can be replaced in the field depending on the threat level. It extends the family of eight by eight wheel formula armoured vehicles which are already under mass production.

The modular design can be configured to perform a variety of combat and support tasks through the use of different combat modules and special equipment.

The vehicle is available in several versions, which include armoured, infantry fighting vehicles, commander, command post, as well as medical and recovery vehicles.

Developed by KMDB under a private venture project, the BTR-4 is an APC with an eight by eight axle configuration, and can be deployed as an armoured vehicle in infantry units in the army or as a wheeled infantry fighting vehicle to provide fire support in combat situations.

The vehicle, which first entered service with the Ukrainian Army in 2009, has also attracted great interest from foreign partners. It is also operational with the Iraqi and Kazakhstan Armed Forces, as well as the Indonesian Army and Marine Corps.

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