Kairos Autonomi has developed a new Tele-Op Only kit to help an existing military vehicle serve as an unmanned mobile ground target during capacity testing or training operations.

Developed in response to customer requirement for a cost-effective moving land target solution, the Tele-Op Only kit is an advanced solution designed to serve as a realistic target moving simulation in drills.

Kairos Autonomi Targets Programs director Chandler Griffin said a cost-efficient option was required for on-demand and dynamic movements.

"This kit was created to meet those demands for destructive training and weapons testing," he said.

"This kit was created to meet those demands for destructive training and weapons testing."

The kit features upgrades such as global positioning systems (GPS), vehicle deconfliction and supervised autonomy capabilities, which facilitate conversion to a smarter robot, according to the operational requirements.

Supporting vehicle operation at speeds of more than 90mph, the kit provides the operator with required manoeuvrability to adjust the vehicle’s route and speed with less effort and time, eliminating the need for trainees to predict forthcoming pre-programmed scenarios during drills.

Equipped with software and a built-in CPU, the kit uses a radio data link to control the steering, transmission, brake and throttle actuation, and is also capable of averting obstacles, such as bomb craters and destroyed targets.

The kit uses existing Defense Reutilization Marketing Office (DRMO) technology, and can also transmit target results back to its tactical operations centre (TOC) for immediate scoring.

Tele-Op Only kit will showcased the company at NATIONAL DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION (NDIA) Targets conference and exhibition, scheduled for 2-4 October, in Florida, US.