The Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) has awarded a $6m contract to ITT Exelis for supply of its GammaCam radiation detection and imaging system to help support the nation’s disaster recovery efforts.

ITT Exelis integrated electronic warfare systems business vice president and general manager Rich Sorelle said the system will help speed recovery efforts, minimise radiation exposure for recovery workers, and significantly reduce risk radiation exposure to all nearby.

The selection follows the use of system by The Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco), the Fukushima nuclear plant operator to help detect and analyse radiation levels precisely and efficiently in wake of the March 2011 earthquake that heavily damaged its facilities.

GammaCam is a portable gamma ray imaging system designed to assess radiological environments by providing accurate two dimensional spatial mappings of real time nuclides emitting gamma rays.

Featuring a sensor head and a portable PC-compatible computer connected by a single CAT5 cable, the GammaCam is self-contained, so all data analysis, data storage, and all aspects of sensor operation are controlled from the computer.

Remote operation and control of the system enables safe image acquisition in high radiation environments, thereby minimising operator exposure.

The system’s control software provides the operator with a complete image acquisition and analysis environment using simple menu driven commands, which are then are presented on the computer display with radiation intensity.

In addition, the GammaCam is also capable of operating in high background fields without requiring the use of heavy and bulky shielding.

The lightweight system can be easily set-up, and used for a wide range of applications including critical path survey management, evaluation of shielding requirements, monitoring of dynamic radiological conditions as well as cost effective radioactive waste sorting.