MILES system

Cubic Defense Applications has been awarded a follow-on option subcontract to improve the Italian Army’s training capacity.

Awarded through its Italy-based strategic partner STE, the $6.5m agreement covers the delivery of a home-station training resource, consisting of the multiple integrated laser engagement system (MILES) and counter improvised explosive devices (CIED) kits for the army’s combat regiments.

Cubic Defense Applications president Dave Schmitz said: "This contract is further evidence of the Italian Army’s trust and confidence in Cubic’s ability to produce effective and efficient training products for their soldiers, solidifying our position as the Italian Army’s training system vendor of choice.

"The training systems provide a capability for the Italian Army to implement and experience realistic training at home-station and thereby further enhance their readiness."

MILES brings realism to the training programme by providing tactical engagement simulation for direct fire force-on-force training using eye-safe laser bullets. It also performs damage and / or casualty assessments on targets.

Specifically, the systems are used during force-on-force exercises, from squad through to brigade level, to simulate the firing and effects of actual weapons systems, such as M1 Abrams tanks, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, M113 armoured personnel carriers, wheeled vehicles and other non-shooting targets.

"The training systems provide a capability for the Italian Army to implement and experience realistic training."

Several versions of MILES are currently used by the US and international militaries worldwide.

Comprising wireless and manual tripwires and control devices to simulate an IED, Cubic’s CIED kits offer realistic detection and reaction training against IED threats.

All contract work is scheduled to be performed at 16 regimental locations across Italy.

In June 2014, Cubic also received a $12m contract from the Italian Army to provide specialist home station CIED training and an instrumented collective combat training centre, including follow-on maintenance to improve full-spectrum training capacity.

Image: A Polish soldier armed with an AKMS assault rifle with MILES attached. Photo: courtesy of RAYMOND A. BARNARD.