The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of a potential foreign military sale (FMS) of advanced precision kill weapon systems (APKWS) and associated equipment to Iraq.

Under the estimated $97m sale, Iraq has requested 2,000 APKWS, weapon and test support equipment, spare and repair parts, personnel training and training equipment, technical and logistics support services, as well as other related elements of logistical and programme support.

The sale is expected to improve Iraq’s capacity to maintain security operations and strengthen its internal and external defence capabilities.

Specifically, the sale of APKWS will increase the Iraqi Army Aviation Command’s ability to conduct operations against terrorist forces, while significantly reducing the risk to civilians.

The DSCA also notified Congress of Iraq’s request for a FMS order II (FMSO II) to provide funds for blanket order requisitions, under a cooperative logistics supply agreement (CLSSA) for spare parts to support M1A1 main battle tanks.

Under the estimated $600m sale, Iraq has also requested parts for M1070 heavy equipment tactical trucks, M88A1 / 2 tank recovery vehicles, M113 vehicles, M198 towed howitzers, M109A5 self propelled howitzers, high mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicles and heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks, as well as heavy and light machine guns.

"The package also covers common repair sets, as well as additional authorised items with associated equipment and services."

The package also covers common repair sets, as well as additional authorised items with associated equipment and services.

The spare parts and repair sets are critical for the maintenance of Iraqi military fleets of tanks, vehicles and other associated equipment in operational condition.

Approved by the US Department of State, the two sales contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the US by helping to improve the security of Iraq, while serving the interests of the people of Iraq and the US.

BAE Systems and General Dynamics Land Systems will serve as principal contractors for the first and second FMS programmes.

Image: APKWS is designed to strike ground-, air- and sea-based targets. Photo: courtesy of BAE Systems.

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