The Israeli Defence Forces’ (IDF) Ground Forces GOC Army technological brigade is equipping its infantry units with a series of new high-tech weapons this year in order to boost their military capabilities.

The weapons to be deployed include the MK47 striker grenade launcher, quick charge barrel (QCB), multi-purpose rifle system (MPRS) and an upgraded M24 sniper weapon system (SWS).

The MK47 Mod 0 weapon system, also known as a Striker 40, is a 40mm automatic grenade launcher equipped with an integrated fire control system, capable of launching smart programmable 40mm shells in addition to various unguided rounds.

The system is also capable of firing smart grenades that can be programmed to air burst after a set distance and weighs 18kg as opposed to the existing 38kg system used by the IDF.

The advanced version of the M24 SWS, which is currently used by the Israeli Army, will be upgraded at a cost of approximately $5,000 per unit within the next five years.

The M24 SWS is a military and police version of the Remington 700 rifle designed to fire the 7.62mm x 51mm NATO calibre round from a 5-10 round internal magazine using the Remington bolt-action operation.

The gun features a Leupold Ultra M3A 10mm x 42mm telescopic sights, 416R stainless steel barrel covered by an H-S Precision PST-11 stock making it suitable for rough battlefield conditions.

The QCB features a new barrel that facilitates assembly and also enables more effective operation in the field by using the potential of the weapon as a means of suppressive fire.

The existing M203 grenade launcher will be upgraded with the MPRS to enable accurate and effective firing using 40mm ammunition in both an open field and in an urban environment.

Additionally, the launcher will also be integrated with a special grenade, allowing selection of the explosion effect.

Currently, the system is being tested at the GOC Army headquarters and will soon be tested in an operation setting.