Harris has been awarded a contract for the supply of Falcon II tactical radios to modernise the tactical communications of an undisclosed international customer.

The $65m contract represents the next phase of a multi-year tactical communications modernisation programme under which Harris will supply Falcon II RF-5800H high-frequency radios, RF-5800V very-high frequency radios and RF-5800M multi-band radios. The RF-5800H-MP is an advanced high-frequency, manpack radio designed to provide soldiers with secure voice and data communications, even in the harshest conditions where line-of-sight communications are not an option.

The radio features an automatic link establishment (ALE) and high-performance third-generation ALE (3G) to provide superior linking and error-free data performance, integrated data link protocols and embedded GPS receivers. The combination of mixed-excitation linear prediction (MELP) technology and serial tone modem ensure maximum quality and range over poor-quality channels, while advanced frequency hopping capability ensures consistent, secure communications, even during network-jamming.

The RF-5800V-HH is small, lightweight military VHF handheld radio capable of providing squad-level communications using the Harris Quicklook waveform and Citadel II encryption. The radio provides continuous coverage in the 30-108 MHz range and allows access to telephone systems through the RF-6010 Tactical Network Access Hub, IP data and automatic position reporting using an internal or external GPS receiver.

The RF-5800M-HH multiband radio enables secure, reliable communications for various missions ranging from standard squad operations to specialised forward air control and Special Forces operations in the range of 30-512MHz. The embedded Harris Citadel II provides military-grade and advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption for both voice and data transmissions and the intuitive user interface enables operation with push-to-talk voice communications through the built-in speaker/microphone or the standard headset connector.

The Falcon II radios provide reliable and highly secure tactical communications in demanding conditions for more than 100 nations worldwide.