Harris has introduced the first National Security Agency (NSA) Type-1 certified handheld radio, the Falcon III AN/PRC-152A, which will extend tactical networking to dismounted warfighters.

The AN/PRC-152A radio will provide handheld wideband tactical networking capability, enabling tasks such as send and receive voice, video, images and data for mission planning, intelligence gathering, force protection and checkpoint security.

The radio, fully interoperable with deployed Dod radios, operates SINCGARS, VHF/UHF line-of-sight (VULOS), HaveQuick, IW for tactical satellite communications and other combat net radio waveforms.

The company has plans to add the JTRS soldier radio waveform (SRW) to the AN/PRC-152A radio, under the JTRS Enterprise Business Model.

Harris RF Communications group president Dana Mehnert said: "This new radio extends the tactical network to the edge, allowing for reliable connectivity across all levels and delivering vital command and control, situational awareness and critical ISR information."