German land systems supplier Rheinmetall has unveiled a new 105mm medium battle tank at the Indo Defence Expo & Forum, which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The company’s new vehicle is based on the Marder 1 chassis, which is already fielded by the Indonesian Army and equipped with a Hitfact II turret from Oto Melara.

Indonesia is currently modernising its armed forces as part of efforts to project itself as an increasingly important regional power and source of stability in Southeast Asia.

"The company’s other products unveiled at the show were the Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk 2, its battle management system and the X-TAR3D radar."

On behalf of the Indonesian armed forces, Rheinmetall is currently performing a combat performance upgrade of the Leopard 2 A4 main battle tank.

The upgrade programme depends on the two different versions of the tank, the Leopard 2A4+ or Leopard 2 Republic of Indonesia (RI).

It includes a climate control system 2A4+ and RI, improved ballistic protection, conversion from a hydraulic to an electric turret drive, an auxiliary power unit, as well as a reversing camera (RI).

Rheinmetall’s 120mm smoothbore gun is also being improved in the RI configuration with a programming kit that will enable it to fire the new programmable DM11 multipurpose round.

The company’s other products unveiled at the show were the Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk 2, its battle management system and the X-TAR3D radar.

Rheinmetall supplies global customers with solutions that are customised to meet their specific operational and tactical needs.