The German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) has awarded a contract to Saab for development and serial deliveries of the BT46 two-way simulator.

The Skr40m order will support the German AGDUS training concept and will be used for the Grenade Machine Gun with 40mm ammunition.

The BT46 simulates the ballistics and time-of-flight of a projectile in real time with a high level of precision, and simultaneously provides realistic feedback to the gunner and the target.

The company will deliver two preserial systems for tests and qualification in November 2011, while the serial deliveries of 82 systems will take place in November 2012.

The simulator is also used for the Leopard, Marder, Luchs, Wiesel MK, Wiesel TOW, Fennek and Boxer vehicles as well as the PAH-1 helicopter and anti-tank weapons Milan and Panzerfaust 3.