Leopard 2 tank

Cassidian Optronics has been awarded a contract to delivery its Attica long-range thermal imaging systems to the German Army.

Valued at €7m, the contract was awarded following a comprehensive field trials programme by the German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw).

Under the contract, Cassidian Optronics will supply an undisclosed number of Attica imager units for integration into commander’s PERI-R 17 A2 periscope of the Bundeswehr’s Leopard 2 main battle tanks (MBT).

Operated either as a stand-alone system or integrated into multi-sensor platforms, the Attica is a third-generation thermal imager designed to help tank commanders in rapid acquisition and effective engagement of hostile targets at longer ranges during day and night in the battlefield.

"The imager provides continuous optical zoom and also supports installation of additional equipment."

Capable of integrating into legacy systems, the modular imager features a 15° wide field-of-view (WFOV), which can be doubled to 30° for upgrade into a high-definition version with a detector that enhances surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities even in challenging environments.

The imager provides continuous optical zoom and also supports installation of additional equipment, such as automatic target tracker, laser rangefinder, designator and image processor.

Primarily selected for integration into German Army’s Puma armoured infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) fleet, the imager has become widely used throughout its artillery, tank force and mechanised infantry units.

Use of thermal imaging equipment from the same product line is expected to deliver significant cost savings and logistical benefits to the army.

Leopord 2 MBT is manufactured by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) as a successor to the Leopard 1 tank, and several versions have served with Bundeswehr during combat operations since 1979.

Image: The Attica thermal imager significantly improves the fighting capabilities of tanks. Photo: Cassidian Optronics.