General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) has completed its final assembly and factory acceptance test on its new 10MJ medium range multi-mission railgun system.

Designed to provide multi-mission, multi-domain capabilities for ship, land and mobile platforms, the railgun will now undergo testing at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, US.

GA-EMS Missile Defense and Space Systems vice-president Nick Bucci said: "The 10MJ railgun system has our third-generation railgun launcher, and includes our fifth-generation pulsed power system and a new mounting system that allows the launcher to elevate and train for better targeting.

"This represents a leap forward in advancing railgun technologies, offering reduced size and weight for the launcher, twice the energy density in a significantly reduced pulsed power footprint, and more capable hypersonic projectiles.

"This represents a leap forward in advancing railgun technologies."

"We'll continue to develop and mature these technologies, perform risk reduction, and test under real-world conditions to ultimately deliver a more capable, effective, and cost-efficient solution to counter future threats."

The multi-mission medium range railgun weapon system includes a high-energy pulsed power container (HEPPC), a 10MJ launcher, hypersonic hybrid missiles, and fire control technologies.

The HEPPC is claimed to use next-generation railgun capacitors and a new approach to packaging and energy distribution, which is expected to reduce the number of pulsed power containers required to launch guided projectiles or hybrid missiles.

The HEPPC also provides additional capabilities to test GA-EMS hypersonic projectiles, which contain a guidance control unit with control software and a complex control actuation system, according to the company.

GA-EMS successfully conducted projectile component testing earlier this year.

The testing demonstrated a continuous two-way data link between in-flight projectiles and the ground station.