amx10RC_French Army

Thales‘ STP new platoon-level firing simulators have been selected by the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) for installation onto the army’s upgraded AMX 10 RC armoured reconnaissance vehicles.

Under the contract, Thales will deliver and set up two simulators at 1st African armored cavalry regiment (RCA) at Canjuers, south-east France and Armored Cavalry Branch Training School (EAABC) in Saumur, Western France, as well as provide on-site through-life support for three years.

The French Army will use the systems to train and familiarise the crew with the modernised land force vehicle.

Each simulator system comprises three trainee modules with a simplified driver training position for each module to offer the trainee commanders and gunners with a 360° view of the vehicle’s turret.

The system also includes three instructor stations, three light armoured vehicle stations to simulate the armoured reconnaissance group, three stations respectively for engineers, artillery and infantry, and one station for headquarter animation.

Also included in each system are a standalone exercise development station, after-action review station, administrator station for system administration and status monitoring, technical infrastructure to interconnect all of the above stations and modules, as well as two terrain database creation stations.

Designed to replace the existing simulation system, the STP 105, the new simulator covers all features and characteristics of the upgraded vehicle, incorporates the SIR regimental information system and the SIT terminal information system for a complete instruction and training experience.

Equipped with Thales’ latest version of the SETHI computer-generated force software and the View image generator, the new simulators are used to deliver both individual and collective instruction and training in observation, as well as firing tasks, platoon and squadron-level fire coordination and operational procedures.

The new systems are scheduled to enter into service from the end of 2014.

Image: The AMX 10RC is a medium-weight reconnaissance vehicle armed with a 105mm cannon. Photo: file image.