Saab Training & Simulation has been awarded a contract to supply a wide range of combat training systems to the Finnish Defence Force (FDF).

Under the terms of the SEK360m ($56.3m) contract, the company will supply anti-tank simulators, vehicle simulators, as well as systems for military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) to the Finnish army regiments.

The simulators supplied under the contract will include the new laser standard, OSAG 2.

Saab Training & Simulation vice president Henrik Hojer said that the Finnish Army has used Saab systems for more than ten years.

"This order strengthens our position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of combat training centres," Hojer added.

Saab will also provide support services for the simulators for seven years starting in 2014.

Additional contract details, including the number of systems to be supplied and delivery schedules, remain undisclosed.

The combat training systems manufactured by Saab are used in military training in Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, as well as the US, and the UK.

Defence Technology