Exelis has won a contract from Estonia to supply transportable, precision ground control approach radars to the Estonian Armed Forces.

Under the $8m contract, Exelis will deliver its GCA-2020 radar system allowing the Estonia Ämari Air base, which is one of NATO‘s newest bases, to carry out NATO exercises, emergencies and humanitarian efforts.

Complying with NATO’s flight safety standards, Exelis radar system is claimed to offer the high-performance air navigation services as well as providing Estonia with global compatibility and standardisation with NATO systems that are currently operational at 11 sites across Europe.

"Exelis’ solution will provide electronically scanning radar, capable of primary surveillance."

Exelis’ solution will provide electronically scanning radar, capable of delivering three functions including primary surveillance, secondary surveillance and precision approach, within a single integrated unit.

Offering coverage of up to 20nmi with azimuth coverage of 30° and elevation coverage of 8°, the GCA-2020 currently operates in environments ranging from the Arctic Circle and the deserts of Northern Africa to the rainforests of Asia and South America.

According to Exelis, the latest radars support critical transportation networks as well as assisting in modernising air traffic management infrastructure and capabilities.

Recently, Exelis received a contract for the delivery of a similar solution from the Swedish Armed Forces.

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