Elbit Systems has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract for the delivery of upgraded armoured personnel carriers (APCs) to the Philippine Armed Forces (PAF).

Under the terms of the $20m contract, the company will arm the APCs with 25mm unmanned turrets, 12.7mm remote-controlled weapon stations (RCWS), and will also install fire control systems (FCS) for 90mm turrets. Deliveries will take place over a one-year period.

Elbit Systems Land and C4I general manager Udi Vered said the agreement is the first award by the PAF, and the company hopes to win additional contracts.

"Under the contract, Elbit Systems Land and C4I will upgrade a total of 28 Philippine Army M113A2s."

"Our extensive portfolio and our vast experience enable us to offer our customers advanced solutions, answering the specific requirements of various combat vehicles, and this award further positions us as world leaders in the field of ground vehicle upgrades," Vered said.

The vehicles in question are reportedly the BAE Systems-built M113A2-tracked APCs, as reported by IHS Janes.

Under the contract, Elbit and C4I will upgrade a total of 28 Philippine Army M113A2s, 14 of which are expected to be equipped with the turrets of the retired Scorpion armoured reconnaissance vehicles (ARVs).

It is expected that four M113s will be upgraded to infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), armed with 25mm automatic cannons, while the others will be fitted with additional .50 calibre heavy machine guns, according to IHS Janes.

In addition to M113A2s, the PAF inventory also includes different variants of Simba, Cadillac Gage Commando and Bravia Chaimite APCs.

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