Elbit Systems of America is upgrading surplus army vehicles at its Land Vehicle Center (LVC) in San Antonio, Texas, US.

The LVC completely works on non-operational military vehicles, with obsolete technology and unserviceable equipment, and completely refurbishes and restores them.

Elbit Systems Of America services and support solutions vice-president, Kurt Huff, said the company’s expertise is giving new life to vehicles that are decades-old.

"When a, M113, Bradley, Humvee or other vehicle rolls out our door, it is fully mission capable. All our customer has to do is fuel up and connect the battery," Huff said.

The company noted that it applies lean process initiatives and an adapted model of the aviation quality system to refurbish vehicles that may be 50 or 60-years-old, without diminishing quality.

Huff further said: "Every component, every manual application and every step in the restoration process is inspected and re-inspected to make certain we’re maintaining an unparalleled level of quality and attention to detail."

"When you see the before-and-after transformation of their workmanship, it’s simply remarkable."

Elbit Systems of America’s president and CEO, Raanan Horowitz, said that the highly-skilled personnel at the San Antonio Land Vehicle Center are putting vehicles that were collecting dust into peacekeeping roles around the world.

"When you see the before-and-after transformation of their workmanship, it’s simply remarkable," Horowitz said.

The Elbit Systems of America LVC’s predominant customers include ally governments that purchase the surplus equipment from the US government.

Utilising refurbished vehicles allows these nations to strengthen their defence capabilities at a fraction of the cost of using newly manufactured vehicles.

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