The Australian Department of Defence has signed the standing offer deed with Canberra-based Defcon Technologies Group for a next-generation in-ear hearing protection system.

As part of the deed, Defcon will supply the new INVISIO X5 in-ear headset system to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), providing commnication capability while minimising the effects of battlefield noise.

Claimed to be a world-class combat hearing protection (CHP) system, the new headset system will feature an advanced bone-conducting microphone technology.

According to CHP system project manager major Michael Tull, the in-ear system provides better integration with combat helmets, and is less of a thermal burden in hot conditions.

"The project team worked extremely hard to maintain the evaluation schedule."

Tull said: "The project team worked extremely hard to maintain the evaluation schedule.

"Signing a deed before Christmas ensures we can commence deliveries of this world-class CHP system to 3 Brigade on schedule in May 2016."

Designed to complement the traditional ‘over-the-ear’ hearing protection systems, the new solution reduces exposure to harmful noise and minimises disruption to their auditory situational awareness.

As part of the soldier combat ensemble (SCE), which seeks to deliver upgraded individual soldier survival capabilities, the CHP system is being delivered by Defence’s Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, under Project LAND 125 Phase 3B.

The SEC focuses on five elements, including a tiered combat helmet, load carriage equipment, protection elements, ballistic, laser and ocular protection, and CHP.