Decision Sciences International has been contracted by the US Department of Defense (DoD) Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) to supply and install an advanced contraband and threat detection system.

Under the $5.26m contract, Decision Sciences will supply and install its multi-mode passive detection system generation 3 (MMPDS GEN3) to help CTTSO to combat terrorism.

The contract is Decision Sciences' third of its type with CTTSO.

"Our MMPDS GEN3 will provide a superior solution to assist CTTSO's interagency customers."

Decision Sciences chairman Stuart J. Rabin said: "This contract is a milestone achievement for Decision Sciences as it involves interagency customers to deploy the MMPDS GEN3 in the US and it also includes a contract option for subsequent international deployment of the MMPDS GEN3 for the benefit of a major US ally.”

Using cosmic ray tomography, MMPDS GEN3 can automatically detect and identify shielded and unshielded nuclear and radiological threats, as well as explosives, narcotics, cigarettes and other contraband.

The advanced scanning system uses machine learning algorithms and its system library can be updated as the nature of the threat or contraband type changes.

CTTSO aims to identify and develop capabilities to combat adversaries for DoD components and interagency partners through rapid research and development, advanced studies and technical innovation, and provision of support to US military operations.

Decision Sciences president and CEO Dwight Johnson said: "As CTTSO has experienced first-hand, our MMPDS GEN3 will provide a superior solution to assist CTTSO's interagency customers as well as to our international allies who will also have access to the advanced capabilities that our unique scanning system provides."