The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded a contract to Adapx to build and integrate advanced speech and sketch interfaces for command and control (C2) systems.

The contract is part of the third phase of the DARPA Deep Green Programme and focuses on ‘Sketch-through-plan’ capabilities, intended to provide commanders with decision support systems to create potential digital courses of action (COAs) for simulated outcomes.

Under the contract the company will provide its Capturx speech and sketch software, through which commanders can draw up plans by turning natural speech, sketch and handwriting into actionable military jargon and symbols on digital map displays.

The military symbols will in turn be interpreted by Deep Green to fill out operations orders, thereby overcoming data-capture obstacles posed by sophisticated C2 and C4ISR interfaces.

Capturx Speech & Sketch enables war-fighters to quickly create, share and analyse COAs on touchscreen and handheld devices, and wall displays in vehicles.

The system also helps commanders to better identify secret enemy attack positions as well as coordinate timing and positions of friendly units.

Adapx CEO Ken Schneider said: "Adapx is focused on providing natural user interface solutions for command and control to reduce data entry obstacles for war-fighters so they can improve planning and decision-making."

The company has supported the earlier phases of the Deep programme with its advanced multimodal (speech and sketch) technology in collaboration with DARPA contractors BAE Systems and SAIC.

The US Army’s Research, Development and Engineering Command recently awarded a similar contract to Adapx to enable commanders to speak and sketch their plans into battlefield simulators.