The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has appointed Saab for its massive overmatch assault round (MOAR) study.

The contract requires the company to conduct research on the development of a precision-engagement capability for shoulder-fired weapons.

As part of the research, Saab said that it will explore possible concepts and propose solutions, or highlight areas where future investigations are needed.

"This research is crucial to improving the power of small military units."

Saab Dynamics business area head Görgen Johansson said: “This research is crucial to improving the power of small military units.

“Today’s short-range weapons lack active guidance, while long-range weapons are extremely expensive, physically burdensome, and often require teams of operators that smaller units do not have.

"Saab is investigating a possible solution: a precision-guided munition for shoulder-fired weapons that provides a long-range, high-precision, multi-target capability.”

Saab will study the capabilities of its Carl-Gustaf and AT4 shoulder-fired weapons, both of which are currently in service with the US Army.

Saab has also launched its land-based Giraffe 1X radar in the US.

The compact radar system offers short-range air defence, sense-and-warn capabilities, and measures to counter unmanned aerial systems, rockets, and artillery and mortar threats.

It can be mounted on vehicles, vessels and fixed installations.

Saab launched its next generation of signature management solutions at this year’s Association of the US Army (AUSA) exhibition in Washington, DC.

The company is working on the integration of stealth capabilities into its products, which include new ways of detecting incoming laser threats as well as friend-or-foe identification for vehicles.