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BlueBird Aero Systems has been awarded a contract to deliver its advanced SpyLite mini unmanned aerial vehicle (mini-UAV) systems to the Chilean Army.

Covering delivery of an unspecified number of units, the contract was awarded after a competition during which the UAV surpassed all other systems in both performance and price levels.

BlueBird Aero systems CEO Ronen Nadir said the SpyLite system is a result of significant investment in research and development, aimed at developing a cost-effective, high performance product capable of addressing all missions related to the battlefield, homeland security and commercial market.

"We believe that follow-up orders will be added to this first order," Nadir added.

Weighing 6-8kg, the SpyLite is a mature, combat-proven, extended performance electric mini-UAV designed to deliver covert, over-the-hill or extended range real-time imagery for a wide range of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions in almost any weather conditions.

"SpyLite is a mature, combat-proven, extended performance electric mini-UAV."

Configurable to back-packed, vehicle-mounted or HQ stationary configurations, the UAV can support real time video or tactical mapping on demand in open area and urban warfare scenarios for military, peace keeping, low intensity conflict, security, disaster management and commercial applications.

With an endurance of more than four hours, the system combines a stabilised CCD and infrared payload with proprietary ground exploitation software, to enable transmission of GPS-marked imagery directly to the ground station (GCS), thus contributing to overall mission success.

Having been operational with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) since 2006, the UAV has also reportedly been ordered by the Ethiopian Army for border security missions earlier this year.

Image: A SpyLite mini-UAV system during flight. Photo courtesy of BlueBird Aero Systems.

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