Cassidian has introduced an advanced multifunctional jamming system to significantly improve vehicle protection against radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) in the battlefield.

SMARTscout is a new-generation jamming system capable of analysing the electromagnetic spectrum surrounding a vehicle to interfere with the radio signals intended to trigger a roadside bomb quickly and in a more targeted manner compared with existing devices.

Cassidian sensors and electronic warfare unit head Elmar Compans said the information obtained from recent conflicts has proven that an enemy often changes the type of radio transmission used for triggering signals in asymmetric scenarios.

"Continuous analysis of threats and the resulting adaptation of countermeasures are therefore indispensable,” Compans added.

"Using our SMARTscout system, both of these tasks can be done faster and with reduced effort."

”Using our SMARTscout system, these tasks can be done faster and with reduced effort."

The jammer’s new, ultra-fast Smart Responsive jamming technology augments protection level through precise detection and classification of radio signals that are used to ignite roadside bombs in the battlefield.

The resulting jamming signals are tailored exactly to hostile frequency band and are transmitted in real-time to digital receivers and latest signal processing technologies, enabling targeted combating of asymmetric threats with a reaction time as low as less than a millisecond.

SMARTscout supports cost-effective deployment of numerous sensors in a crisis area, in addition to the receipt of information on the radio communication situation in less time, which ensures both optimum protection of troops and efficient planning of further operations.

Until recently, signal intelligence missions were accomplished through use of relatively complex systems that are difficult to deploy and also consume a greater amount of energy.

Image: SMARTscout jammer is designed to counter radio-controlled roadside bombs attacks. Photo: courtesy of Cassidian.

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