General Dynamics (GD) Canada has secured a contract to develop and demonstrate an automated computer-network defence capability to help boost the security of the Canadian Department of National Defence’s (DND) computer networks.

The unspecified contract was awarded as part of the DND’s automated computer network defence (ARMOUR) technology demonstration (TD) programme.

Conceptualised by the Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), the project seeks development and integration of advanced scientific and technological solutions to counter the increasingly challenging and complex issue of safeguarding DND networks and their mission-critical information against cyberattacks.

GD C4 systems international vice-president, David Ibbetson, said cybersecurity is becoming growing concern for today’s governments and militaries.

”Drawing on our experience developing secure defence networks for customers around the world, General Dynamics Canada will demonstrate a solution for protecting DND’s networks, helping to safeguard mission-critical information,” Ibbetson said.

Integrating leading-edge network cyber assessment tools, the programme aims to proactively respond to cyber vulnerabilities and alleviate attacks in real time, besides enabling automatic generation of optimised courses of action for potential future threats.

"Cybersecurity is becoming growing concern for today’s governments and militaries."

The five-year TD project features two primary components, which include the initial requirement and the optional services requirement, according to

The initial requirement includes provision of research and development (R&D) services and prototype systems for demonstration of computer network defence (CND) concepts on the Defence Research Network’s (DREnet) operational segment for potential use by the DND in future.

Besides delivery of additional R&D services and supporting software for further development of the prototype system delivered under the initial requirement, the optional services requirement may also include integration of project results into an initial operational capability (IOC).

The demonstrations are scheduled to be used for evaluation of the functionality of the resulting system.

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