The British Army has taken delivery of the first fully qualified vehicle systems information exploitation/health and usage monitoring system (SIE/HUMS) from General Dynamics UK at its test and evaluation facility at RAF Pershore in Throckmorton.

Delivered as part of a £4m order received by the company in June, the systems will help operators and fleet managers optimise vehicle use and minimise maintenance by providing accurate performance data, through monitoring of onboard systems.

Accepting the system on the army’s behalf, UK defence equipment, support and technology (DEST) minister Peter Luff said: "This technology will help keep more of our vehicles on the road and available for training."

Data collected and analysed by HUMS from each vehicle returning from operations will be transmitted wirelessly to the fleet manager’s system, lowering the logistics burden and maintenance costs, while simultaneously improving turnaround time across the fleet.

“This technology will help keep more of our vehicles on the road and available for training.”

As more information is gathered, prognostics will allow for improved preventative maintenance practises, contributing to increasing fleet availability.

Data gathered by the system ranges from engine management-system data, such as oil and water temperature, speed, distance travelled, and performance, to information about shocks and vibration, excessive vehicle speed or high fuel consumption.

The information will also offer provision for conditioned-based maintenance where lightly-used vehicles receive less work, reducing maintenance costs.

Delivered within four months of contract signature, the devices have been developed and tested by GD and Analogue and Micro to meet stringent Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) standards, while integration into army’s operational training vehicles fleet will start at the earliest opportunity.

A total of 578 vehicles covering six protected patrol vehicle (PPV) variants, namely Mastiff, Ridgback, Husky, Jackal, Coyote and Wolfhound, will be equipped with SIE/HUMS over the next two years.

Image: UK minister for defence equipment, support and technology Peter Luff during HUMS acceptance ceremony at GD UK’s facility. Photo: courtesy of General Dynamics.