Harris Corporation has received a contract from Brazil’s Centre for Communications and Electronic Warfare (CCOMGEX) to supply its Falcon III VHF Combat Net Radios and Falcon III Secure Personal Radios (SPR) to boost the Brazilian Army‘s communications capability.

Under the $10.7m contract, the company will supply the RF-7800V vehicular radio system and the RF-7800S SPR radio to equip soldiers with advanced voice and high-speed data communication capabilities. Harris RF Communications regional managing director Julio Villafane said the radios will deliver appropriate solutions required for real-time, mission-critical information on the battlefield and will also provide secure voice and high-bandwidth data applications including video combat chat.

The RF-7800V is a hand-held, vehicular/base VHF combat net radio designed to fit into space-constrained military vehicles including tanks and transport vehicles to provide continuous coverage in the range of 30-108MHz at data transfer rates of 192Kbps. The radio features an integrated GPS receiver and Harris’ new Battle Management Systems (BMS) waveform architecture to support time-critical data on the battlefield with up to 64 users on a single channel.

The RF-7800V also provides a direct Ethernet capability, USB connection, simultaneous voice and data, and true dual-net communications through intuitive dual push-to-talk capability and free channel search, enabling frequency agility in high-noise or radio-jamming environments. The lightweight soldier system radio enables simultaneous voice, data and video communication over a range of more than 2km across highly variable environments.

The radio can easily connect to external devices due to a built-in GPS, dual push-to-talk, rebroadcast capability, and open standard interfaces like USB connection, ultimately reducing the weight carried by the soldier. The RF-7800S radio provides continuous coverage in the 350-450MHz frequency range at a data transfer rate of 256Kbps.

The delivery schedule for the contract and the number of units ordered remain undisclosed.