Brandywine Communications has been awarded a contract to continue supply of time and frequency components for the next generation satellite ground stations being developed for the US Army.

The contract was awarded by Harris for delivery of Brandywine‘s frequency and time subsystem (MET-FTSS) products for Ka-band and X-band satellite ground stations, which are manufactured by Harris as part of army’s modernisation of enterprise terminals (MET) programme.

Brandywine president Gary Smith said: ”We are pleased to continue our work with Harris in order to provide the next generation of time and frequency subsystems.”

Besides providing the army with a hardened, high reliability and availability source of ultra accurate frequency and time, FTSS also drives an advanced modular distribution system, based on Brandywine’s high performance timing system (HPTS).

Leveraging automatically calibrated and synchronised redundant cesium frequency standards, the amplifier offers hitless reference switching and also creates a range of low-phase noise outputs according to customers’ specifications.

"The amplifier offers hitless reference switching and also creates a range of low-phase noise outputs."

Supported by dual-redundant battery backup units and remotely managed and controlled using ethernet interfaces through simple network management protocol (SNMP), the system features individually network-manageable internal equipment items that allow transition to a high level network management system.

Developed as part of the ten year, $600m MET contract awarded in April 2009, the Ka-band and X-band terminals are designed to provide army with a global backbone for high-priority military communications and missile defence systems.

Managed by the project manager of Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (PM DCATS), the contract features a five-year performance period, with one five-year option period for production, terminals installation and supply of depot and engineering services.

Capable of interfacing with both the new Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) constellation and conventional satellite systems, the terminals will replace up to eighty AN/GSC-52, AN/GSC-39, AN/FSC-78 and other ageing strategic satellite communications terminals worldwide.

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