Bae Systems has been awarded a foreign ministry sales (FMS) contract to refurbish 440 M113A2 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) in order to strengthen the effectiveness and interoperability of the Iraqi Army.

Under the $31m contract BAE, in collaboration with the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD), will refurbish M113 vehicles by replacing old and damaged equipment with upgraded components and restoring the vehicles to fully mission capable condition.

The company will also supply materials to ANAD to revamp additional 586 M113A2s that are also bound for use by Iraq under a separate contract.

Refurbishment work under the contract is being conducted at the company’s facility in Anniston, Alabama, US, and is scheduled to complete by April 2012.

Additionally, BAE is also providing field service support and equipment trainers to help Iraqi Army with fielding of vehicles under a previous $14.2m contract by the US Army TACOM Lifecycle Management Command in June 2011.

The M113 A2 is a fully tracked armoured personnel carrier capable of conducting amphibious operation, extended cross-country travel over rough terrain and high-speed operation on improved roads and highways.

Capable of transporting 12 troops along with a driver, the vehicle has been used by the US Army to play critical roles in both urban combat and peacekeeping roles since the onset of the war in Iraq.

The M113 A2 is equipped with a 6V53 Detroit 2-stroke six cylinder diesel engine with Allison tx100-1 three speed automatic transmission and features cooling and suspension improvements.

To date, a total of 618 Iraqi light armoured vehicles and eight M88A2 heavy recovery vehicles have been delivered by the company to the US Government in support of Iraq’s armed forces under previous Iraq security assistance contracts.


Image: BAE Systems to refurbish 440 M113A2 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) for Iraqi Army.