Rokar Silver Bullet

BAE Systems has successfully demonstrated the ability of its Rokar Silver Bullet precision guidance kit to transform a standard 155mm artillery shell into a highly accurate munition during a live fire test in Israel.

The trial represents the latest in a series of demonstrations with several customers, which validated more than 150 Silver Bullet precision guidance kits over several years of development.

Undertaken in difficult conditions over challenging terrains including land and sea, the test firing demonstrated the system’s mature design and resulting high reliability.

The system successfully proved its versatility through firings from a number of artillery guns including the M109 and the K9 barrel and has been proven effective on several types of shells including the M795 and the K307.

The majority of kits in the trials, including one tested by the South Korean defence contractor, Poongsan, are claimed to have landed within ten metres of the target.

BAE Systems Rokar general manager Nir Lavi said: "The Silver Bullet precision guidance kit provides military commanders with additional operational flexibility, through a higher hit capability and increased mission effectiveness for artillery forces.

"Silver Bullet can significantly enhance the warfighter’s ability to operate on the modern battlefield."

"The Silver Bullet precision guidance kit provides military commanders with additional operational flexibility."

Built by BAE Systems Rokar and supported by the Israeli Government, Silver Bullet leverages proven navigation and guidance software to rapidly transform unguided projectiles into affordable precision weapons.

The system has in-flight high correction capability that reduces the requirement for an aiming process as its enhanced accuracy greatly increases the ability to hit a target with the first shot fired.

The capability facilitates more precise engagement in urban environments, and against protected targets, while minimising collateral damage.

The GPS-based Silver Bullet is compatible with existing inventories of conventional artillery shells, and can be assembled in the field by the soldiers as a standard artillery fuse to provide accurate, self-correcting capability.

Image: Silver Bullet transforms standard 155mm artillery into precision guided weapons. Photo: courtesy of BAE Systems.