BAE Systems has expanded its product range with the introduction of a new 3D Advanced Warning System (3DAWS) for aircraft.

The 3DAWS has been designed to increase aircraft survivability from advanced threats, during complex, multi-threat engagement scenarios.

The system's layered countermeasure defence allows aircrews to safely complete their missions, BAE stated.

BAE Systems threat management solutions director Cheryl Paradis said: “With the rapidly evolving threat environment, any future threat detection system must address a first-encounter threat scenario and must do so by efficiently and smartly utilising fielded and future countermeasure techniques.

“Our new 3DAWS solution provides the capability to first make a definitive threat assessment — determining whether a track is a false alarm or an incoming threat — and then quickly respond with the appropriate countermeasure.”

"Our new 3DAWS solution provides the capability to first make a definitive threat assessment."

BAE's aircraft threat warning solution can maximise the effectiveness of current flare and directable infrared countermeasure systems and it provides the necessary tracking capabilities for future soft and hard-kill countermeasure solutions to damage or destroy incoming threats.

The 3DAWS employs semi-active radio frequency 3D Tracker technology, which provides the third dimension to the system’s detection process and allows for definitive threat assessment.

This suite can be integrated with all existing fixed and rotary-wing US Army aircraft, as well as radar or laser warning systems.

BAE said that its threat management solutions offer survivability technology for airborne, ground, and maritime applications that automatically sense, process, and respond to a wide variety of threats.

Image: An Apache helicopter surrounded by a digitised sphere and computer grid highlighting different types of threats. Photo: courtesy of BAE Systems.