CV3090 vehicle

BAE Systems Hagglunds has handed over the first upgraded CV9030 infantry fighting vehicle (IFVs) to the Norwegian Army.

Around 144 fully-digitised CV90s in five different configurations, including 74 infantry fighting, 21 reconnaissance, 15 command, 16 engineering, 16 multi-role, as well as two driver training vehicles, were ordered by the Norwegian Government under a $750m contract in June 2012.

The contract also covers the upgrade of the Norwegian Army’s existing 103 CV90 vehicles, delivered from the mid-1990s.

Featuring enhanced protection, survivability, situational awareness and interoperability, the new vehicles will run on the latest rubber tracks, and are capable of fulfilling different functions, including mortar carrier and logistics roles.

BAE Systems Hägglunds president Tommy Gustafsson-Rask said that the Norwegian upgrade programme is running on time and to budget.

"Norway’s vehicles will be the most advanced CV90s yet and benefit from more than four million engineering hours," Gustafsson-Rask added.

"Norway’s vehicles will be the most advanced CV90s yet and benefit from more than four million engineering hours."

Norwegian Armed Forces programme director colonel Ragnar Wennevik said that the military is purchasing the world’s most advanced armoured combat vehicle family with the new CV90.

"Already proven in combat, we are now taking it to the next generation with state-of-the-art survivability, lethality, digitisation and mobility," Wennevik added.

The CV90 project is supported by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, which leads a team of Thales Norway and Vinghøg, and is also supplying the Protector remote weapon station for installation on all variants of the vehicle.

The Kongsberg team is responsible for the integrated data and information system, including integration of weapon systems, sensors, communication and security systems.

Deliveries of the upgraded vehicles are scheduled to continue to 2017.

The CV9030 is an export version of the CV90 combat vehicle, featuring a 30mm Bushmaster II autocannon, additional mine protection and rear-view cameras and enhanced manoeuvrability.

The Swedish-built CV90 has been selected by Nordic nations including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, as well as the Netherlands.

Image: The CV9030 infantry fighting vehicle of the Norwegian Army. Photo courtesy of BAE Systems.

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